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Indian numerology

The study of the relationship between various facets of a person’s life and numbers is known as Numerology.

The things controlled by numerology 9

Posted on April 25 2014 in Numerology

The things controlled by numerology 9

The things controlled by numerology 9 The numerology is considered to be the very powerful tool to depict the things that can take place in the future probably and the numerology chart can be used by the common people to determine the future life they can think of having by avoiding the bad things and events that are about to take place in the future. People are tensed by the misfortune the future might bring on their happy lives, hence the importance of numerology 9 increases because it has the potential to bring down bad things ion one’s life and make it uneasy from being a happy one.

• The thing about numerology

The numerology is all about the future predictions based on the primary and secondary number derived from the date of birth an individual has been carrying. The best part about numerology is that it is very accurate and hardly takes any time to deliver the results if the art is mastered properly and appropriately. The whole working principle of numerology deals with the occurrence of primary and secondary number and everything comes after these numbers.

The primary number is calculated by getting a single digit from the birth date of an individual, the adding of the numbers takes place until a single digit entity is recovered from the birth date. This single digit entity is called the primary number. The recovery of rest of the birth date by adding up the digits until a single digit entity is recovered results in the secondary number. Later these primary and secondary digits are compared and made to go through a total of four tests.

• The effect of number 9

The numerology is used to create numerology charts for particular individuals that are having predictions regarding that individual only and others have to get themselves other charts. The dominance of number 9 in any numerology chart is a matter of concern as it holds the power to ruin the already happy and prosperous life of any individual. The following section tries to represent the effects this number 9 can have on one’s life.

The prophet

The number 9 behaves just like its cousin number 7, endowing the individual with psychic flashes and visions. People with number 9 dominating their chart has the ability to fore see things before they happen, but most of the people who experiences these flashes ignores them by calling them nightmares.

The cheater

The people that tends to be under the control of number 9 are supposed to have more aggressive behavior than anyone residing around them and are bound to cheat people whether they mean any harm or not.

Trouble in relationships

Yet another problem created by number 9 is that the person being under its control is supposed to have relatively more problems in relations than anyone else being under control of other numbers. The life can be very tough and disastrous if proper care of numerology charts are not taken and any suggestion is ignored. The numerology 9 has proved to be a very crucial number whose effects cannot be ignored, it can ruin an already settled life and hence proper care should be taken.

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